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Thread: Establishing the World Cricket League

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    Establishing the World Cricket League

    For the initial discussions, see this thread.

    I propose to establish and administrate a new fantasy/PBeM league on the CW forums.

    As discussed earlier, (see the thread linked above) I have constructed a couple of alternate formats for the game,and would like the opinions of the prospective gameworld community as to which style of game they would most like to be a part of.

    The first and most critical decision is the overall structure of the game.

    Initially I had put together a number of models for a franchise-style league; incorportating drafting, trading, salary caps, transfer windows, home-ground conditions, injuries, a home-and-away fixture and finals - with a view to expansion and a promotion/relegation system. For the purpose of the poll this shall be known as Option A.

    As part of the above discussions, the alternate idea was raised to resurrect a game in the style of the old CWXI/Dev League. Though I had not initially considered this, it is a fantastic idea and one which I can speak from experience in saying creates a very enjoyable game world. For those unfamiliar with the concept, forumites register as actual players in the game world - that is, cricketers who are eligible to be selected for one of a number of domestic teams, vying for the oppurtunity to represent CW on the international stage. For the purpose of the poll this will be known as Option B.

    Which game would you prefer to be a part of? Please vote on the attached poll - voting does not mean a commitment to playing, I merely seek your help in determining which game is a more popular concept.
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    Dev league replacement, as long as we give it a different name and all that

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    Option B, so if CWPL ever (ever) gets up and running we have the option of having both at the same time IMO.
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    Would be keen for either tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cevno View Post
    Would be keen for either tbh.
    same here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    Option B, so if CWPL ever (ever) gets up and running we have the option of having both at the same time IMO.
    Yeah, this.
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    Pressing ahead with Option B.

    If you are interested, please see this thread.

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    Should definitely have an Australia vs. The Rest of the World match at some point. Would be fantastic.
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