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Thread: How to be on CW Commentary

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    How to be on CW Commentary

    You can be on a show in one of two ways, either broadcasting a stream yourself (showrunning) or to be voice on a show someone else has set up (broadcasting).

    To be a showrunner

    You need:

    • Mixlr
    • Skype
    • A working microphone
    • the password to the cricketweb stream
    • at least two other people to be on the show with you and contact with them over Skype

    1. Download Mixlr for free. The link will download the installer.

    2. When installed, sign in using the cricketweb user name and password. You can get the password from me or anyone else to have used the stream before.

    3. You should have an app that looks like this:

    Click on 'microphone' to make sure that what you're speaking into is the first input broadcast. If you're using a default laptop microphone it should come up as Quick Start. The second column is where you input your speakers - this is to have everything you hear on the Skype call be broadcast. The third column is for any pre-recorded audio that you want to have ready.

    4. When showrunning, organise a time before the match begins to set up the Skype call, check the audio and organise who is going to be on 'ball-by-ball'. Start by calling one person, and then add others into the call by using the '+' icon. Make sure that everyone is watching the same TV channel or website to keep in time. When ready, click the record button in the Mixlr app to go live.

    5. Mixlr will ask you to type in the name of the show and pick a category. Name the show after the match, day and which broadcast of the day you are doing - 'West Indies v England, 1st Test at Antigua, Day 1, part 3'.

    6. You will need to reset the broadcast every hour in order to keep using the free version. Ask your listeners to refresh the page in a few minutes, and then click on the record button to end the stream. Publish the recording to showreel to allow people to listen after the match if they want. Restart the stream by clicking the record button as soon as you can. This is why naming each broadcast of the day 'part 1', 'part 2', etc is important.

    To be a broadcaster

    You will need:

    • Skype
    • A working microphone

    Organise a time you can be on the show in a thread in this forum. Then it's just a case of being online, signed into Skype and available when the showrunner calls you.
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