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Thread: The stupidest cricket 2004 thread

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    The stupidest cricket 2004 thread

    Hi, I just got cricket 2004 today and cant for the life of me work out how to direct your shots!!!!! I may sound like a total muppet (I assure you I am!) but I can't direct shots I dont have a joypad and am using the keyboard anyone help here?!

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    direct shots ? u mean play the shots ??? bit confused
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    Play the shots what ever you want to call it, you press S for a front foot shot and W for a back foot shot but what are the other controls to guide where you want the ball to go only shots it tells you how to play are the forward and backwards defensive!

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    To direct the shots, hold down the arrow keys just before the bowler releases..
    You then play the shot using the SWAD keys at the appropriate time (with the direction heald down...
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    All this is in your manual assuming you have a legitimate copy.

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