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    Armchair Cricket

    What did you think of Armchair Cricket? Here's the place to post your thoughts.

    What would you rate it out of ten and would you recommend it to other cricket fans?

    You don't need to be a member to post but we still recommend you join our forum, it's well worth it and it means you can participate in our many other discussions.

    Yours in Cricket


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    Well it was good except for the fact you can't do anything!!!!

    WhAT A WASTE!!!!!

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    I'm the creator of the Armchair Cricket computer game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paid The Umpire
    Well it was good except for the fact you can't do anything!!!!

    WhAT A WASTE!!!!!
    The problem is that you didn't select a side to captain before the matches began and so didn't have any control over the matches. Try the newest version--it makes it much more obvious how to choose a side to captain. I'd appreciate any more feedback!

    I created a discussion group for Armchair Cricket at and you can find the latest version of my computer AC game at

    Rob LeGrand
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