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Thread: Backyard Cricket (New game, early development)

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    Backyard Cricket (New game, early development)

    Hi everyone

    I've been creating a free form action cricket engine for a while now and would love some feedback. So far I've only produced videos of the batting, although the early work on the bowling side felt good too.

    The game is built for customizable playing conditions and rules. Right now I'm just trying to perfect the batting controls. Once the controls are right the idea is that you can build your own backyards and either post them live or send them to friends as challenges.

    Thanks everyone. Hope you like the videos and the concept.

    - Ed

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    Needs a weird scoring system (don't ask)
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    1)A new ball shall be found; and
    2) Should a new ball be found, the batsman who lost the previous ball will no longer be allowed to bat; and
    3) Should no new balls be available, all players shall gather in front of the BBQ and remind the batsman what a terrible human being they are.

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    I remember reading that Is totally legit, this is what happens around the barbie.

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