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Thread: old cricket dvds for swap/sale

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    old cricket dvds for swap/sale

    Alright everyone

    I'm a new member, and am wondering if anybody wants to sell and/or swap old cricket highlights they've got? I'm particularly looking for pre 2005 stuff. Obviously classics like Packer WSC would be fantastic, but I'm realistic that that will not be owned by most people. I am also looking for footage from SILK CUT ALLROUNDERS CHALLENGE 1984-1987 tournaments. Again, not the most common obv. But even just stuff like 1988, 1991 and 1989/90 England v West Indies tests/odis, 1995/6 England tour of South Africa, England v NZ internationals (esp tests) in 1990, 1991/2 and 1986, and 1990/91 and 1989 Ashes series.

    I have some games too. I have every single day's play of every single England home international from 2005 to present day, a few away matches before 2010, and some old BBC footage, full highlights, of various county odi matches eg 1981 B+H final Surrey v Somerset, 1991 Natwest final Hants v Surrey (55 mins for that one), and various sunday league games.

    If yr interested in selling and swapping, please email me yr match lists to delmeisterlegendxxx7@gmail.

    look forward to yr replies


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    bro robelinda has uploaded like all of cricket to youtube

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    Yeah, I know, have spoken to him on there few times. Might have to again soon lol Cheers though mate

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