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Thread: questions about tours

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    questions about tours

    hey guys ....i just wanted to ask you a few questions about the foreign tour

    1)how do u track the form of your player during a tour....
    i have started a tour of england and when i go to the sqaud screenand under the headin form ....the various batting and bowling meters are all full.......then a fwe matches later shoaib akhtar who is taking all the wickets had the orange bar drop to one....same for all the other bowlers.........
    so can please just some one tell me how do u know and judge the form of players .........

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    I have the exact same problem and i seriously just don't get it. This is just another problem with the game. There's many things they can do to improve this game. More swing. Opposition playing more aggresively to spinners. Oppostion not running themselves out (does anyone else notice that the computer always run themselves out)? An off-drive and pull shot. LBW's far more accurate. Hall of fame record all the bowling stats rather than just the ones it feels like. ALL THE BUGS GONE! Like ppl walking across the pitch, throwing the ball over the boundary and others.
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    Im back in town boys!

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    blackcapsrule why do you always ressurect/post in threads without adding anything constructive (ie. more than 1 word?)
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