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Thread: Cricket Player Manager out now on Google Play!

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    Cricket Player Manager out now on Google Play!

    Cricket Player Manager is now available on Google Play!

    Play Game:
    Website: Cricket Player Manager

    The most comprehensive cricket player management game

    You have been assigned the task of producing your country’s next cricket champion. As manager, your job is to guide a promising young cricketer from 2nd grade level all the way through to selection in the national side. You will manage most aspects of the player’s career such as hiring support staff, negotiating contracts, setting training agenda and much more. Cricket Player Manager is a turn-based strategy game for all cricket nerds who love sport statistics.

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    Version 1.18 is now available: released (10th January, 2016).

    Cricket Player Manager - Android Apps on Google Play

    The aim of this release was to increase the relevance of the performance analyst, cricket academy, and also financial management. There have been plenty of new random events added and your player may receive messages from past cricket greats - this will give you extra insight into your player.

    If you hire a performance analyst, than you will be able to view your player's skills (indicated by a progress bar) in the 'training' area. This will allow the manager to make more informed decisions. However, the progress bar will not indicate when the player has reached their full potential for a particular skill. If the player has reached potential for a particular skill, then further progress in those areas can only be achieved via elite training camps.

    If you start a cricket academy, then the next player career will have access to a performance analyst straight up. This means that as soon as the career begins, skill ratings can be view in the 'training' area.

    Financial management for your player is more important. Previously, you could get away with not buying shares or property. You still have the choice not to, however your player wants to know that you're doing your best to ensure the finances are managed properly. Your player might get upset if there are no investments or it seems that money is being wasted.

    More player types and traits have been added to ensure that each career is different. Some players may also develop batting or bowling technique issues, which need to be resolve. These issues may appear in Level 3 and may make managing these players a lot harder. However, if these issues are resolved than your player could experience greater success.

    Improvement list for 1.18.

    - Updated interface
    - Added progress bar indicating skill level to ‘Training’ area when a Performance Analyst is hired
    - A Performance Analyst is hired automatically when a career is started from a cricket academy
    - Messages from greats of the game help give insight to the type of your player being managed
    - More emphasis on player financial management (investment in shares and property)
    - Some cricketers may develop issues with bowling or batting technique, which need to be resolved
    - Added player types (different players managed will have particular personalities and traits)
    - More random events and newspaper headlines
    - Some bug fixes

    If you have any questions about this release, than please e-mail


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