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Thread: KS Studios - Click Me

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    KS Studios - Click Me

    Well guys Click Me is just a project that I have started recently and I would love all to give their feedback.

    About This Game?

    Well this game is about hitting the cricket ball which are moving in 8 different direction and getting as much score as possible. Clicking on the stumps will end the game. Also if you want to reset the leader board just click on . It will reset the leader board


    This is the playing screen, currently the mouse render is the default one but I will soon replace that with a bat

    This is where the score will appear

    What is implemented

    * Local Leader board
    * Resetting the leader board
    * Stumps which will end the game

    Whats Next

    * More levels
    * Online leader board
    * Change of cursor (not sure about implementing this need feedback)

    The file is can be downloaded from below. There is only one Click Me.exe file and just click on it to run the game no installations needed Any problem post here and I will try to solve it

    I was not allowed to post 1.62 mb file hence a mediafire link

    Click Me.rar

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    Also I wasnt sure where to post this hence posted it here, if I have made a mistake sorry mods and you can transfer or move this wherever you want

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    Hello guys as promised I have worked on the game and added 4 levels making life tougher for you all Also I have removed the irritating background music and will add up something soothing in next update. Hope you enjoy the game again.

    Whats implemented?

    * Game now has 5 levels in it
    * A score of 200 takes you to Level 2
    * A score of 750 takes you to Level 3
    * A score of 1350 takes you to Level 4
    * A score of 2000 takes you to Level 5

    Whats next?

    * Will work on getting an online leader board

    Other News

    * This app could soon be on all Andriod and iOS devices for free of cost.

    Here's the new download link

    Click Me v1.1.rar

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