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Thread: ICC: Retiring Players

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    I think that most of the h4x yarps were players who played 2nd grade cricket ala Ruan Pietersen.

    Also, Sri Lanka have really dire pitches I think, which is why there's like 50 bowlers with averages around 20.

    Also, I actually meant that in ICC 2005 some players had batting averages around 5 for ODI's. And these were actual players.

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    What's the point. Thilan Samaraweera has been an overpowered bowler since ICC 2002 and they still haven't fixed it.

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    They've been more receptive to comments about that sort of thing nowadays. Should for the most part be fixed in the next version. In ICC2010 it was the SA batsmen who were overpowered. The bowlers were pretty decent too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewie View Post
    They're working on those problems in the next version (South African Batsmen/Sri Lankan Spinners). I've been talking to them about it. They should just get PEWS to sort it all out for them.
    You know them?

    They should seriously hire me to do it tbh.
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    One of the guys is a global moderator on PC, I was pming him about it before. I'd guess it'd be too late in the process for them to make any changes now (the next version is supposed to release this month), but if they don't fix it in this version I can get them to talk to you

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