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Thread: CRICKET COACH 2009 - v3.09 Released! Free update

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    Icon14 CRICKET COACH 2009 - v3.09 Released! Free update

    A new version of Cricket Coach 2009 has been released. This fixes some problems from v3.08 and is highly recommended.

    The download is available from

    Changes (since v3.07):

    Version 3.09
    6th November 2009

    - Fixed bug where loading and saving messed up collection of bowling plans
    - Fixed bug where end of first season for southern hemisphere teams crashed game
    - Fixed bug where champs league semi/final didn't happen when Indian comps not simmed
    - Added code to allow continuation of southern hemisphere save from 3.07/3.08 without crash
    - Fixed bug where rain could manifest at start of game randomly and cause wash out when sunny prediction
    - Fixed crash on deleting a player in player editor
    - Improved player editor so adding player goes to added player
    - Made some southern hemisphere player transfers
    - Checked ISL auction to ensure it worked correctly
    - Added facility to fix a 3.08 save with broken bowl plans by holding down LSHIFT+F whilst loading

    Version 3.08
    30th October 2009

    - Fixed bug where rain message box wasn't appearing correctly
    - Added feature where by as a country improves its status its youth improve in quality (and vice-versa)
    - Improved regeneration of players code so is linked more to current status of country
    - Fixed bug where promotion to test status could confuse entrants for next major tournaments
    - Fixed bug where saying no to exiting would still exit game
    - Adjusted T20 engine to better reflect reality
    - Fixed issue with ODIs being too high scoring
    - Fixed crash on create player in player editor
    - Rewrote bowling plan system to allow different collections of bowl plans/fields for each type of cricket
    - Fixed bug where a no result in certain international competitions wasn't getting points
    - Fixed bug where World T20 competition groups weren't being drawn to the screen
    - Added new flags created by forum member orangepulp00, which also included correct Suriname flag
    - Fixed crash on pick team screen when scrolled down to bottom and changing filter
    - Fixed bug where Katich (player 0) couldn't be credited with Man of Match in HTML output
    - Fixed bug in player editor search not going to correct player
    - Fixed bug where team editor player list didn't connect to correct player in editor
    - Added option to delete a user created field setting
    - Added options dialog on international series mode (to turn on/off match sounds and windowed mode)
    - Added extra options to in-game options dialog (turn on/off match sounds and windowed mode)
    - Added option to view skill ratings out of 20 rather than out of 100
    - Fixed problem with plural-ness on certain screens (won by 1 runs issue)
    - Fixed crash bug on create bowl plan feature
    Cricket Coach 2009 - Now only 14.99!
    Download the FREE trial now!

    The most accurate and detailed cricket game ever created. Includes Tests/ODIs/World Cup/Intercontinental Cup/World Cricket League. Plus domestic competitions from around the world and IPL!

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    Good stuff Oli

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