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Thread: EAS Cricket 07 patches - Pakistan fantasy ODI kit

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    EAS Cricket 07 patches - Pakistan fantasy ODI kit

    Pakistan ODI fantasy kit

    More screenshots included with the download! (Sorry for the poor preview quality)

    • Look for the "Pak_fant_odikit_Gilly_da_gr8" file download link below.
    • Download it.
    • Extract it to the place you wish.
    • Gently copy the file - "2bdc719c27550d9bcd0484acc0bdbd37.fsh" and place it in the Game's Root directory i.e the folder that has Cricket 07 game.
    • Now ya are all done.
    • Start playing the game, and see the change in display over there.
    • The patch ya are gonna download will replace the default ODI kit of Pakistan.
    • I am not responsible for the problem caused by the file you are downloading.
    • If you wish to remove this patch, just search for this file - 2bdc719c27550d9bcd0484acc0bdbd37.fsh, just remove it from there.
    • Happy playing
    • Thank you

    Have your say on the ups and downs of my downloads.
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