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Thread: What is the best Cricket game for the P.C?

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    What is the best Cricket game for the P.C?

    Hi all

    I'm new here to the forum, and i would like to know what you all think is the best commercial cricket game available for the pc.

    I have never played a cricket game on the computer, mainly because i can not decide which one to buy, and also because none of them seem to get great reviews.

    I have heard (can't think from where) that Brian Lara 2005 is considered the best. But looking here i quite like the sound of International Cricket Captain 2009 and Ashes Cricket 2009. Any help greatly appreciated



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    BLIC2005 - Decent on the PC.
    Cricket 07 - Good if you download the patches from Planet Cricket
    Any game in the ICC series - Good, has gotten the most play time from myself.
    Ashes 2009 - Not out yet.

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