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    iPhone Games

    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing a review of the cricket apps for iPhone for an online journal, so here's a quick extract for you as well. I can post some screenshots if you'd like me to - let me know. I'll post a link to the full article when it's published - my first paid gig out of University

    (note that the links are for iTunes pages for those apps)

    Cricinfo Mobicast
    You'd think that ESPN would pay for a development of a decent app for the iPhone, but you'd be wrong. All of the Cricinfo's quality content is here, but it feels very thrown together with poor design and layout. It's free so one shouldn't complain, but it definitely fails to meet expectations even then.
    Score: 2/5

    Cricket Live-007
    Nice comprehensive app, with scores, news and rankings. The layout is extremely amateurish (though still more suited to iPhone than ESPN's effort) and there are serious performance and stability issues with it, though it does show the extent that the fans will go to develop apps for the iPhone. The lack of commentary is also a minus, though for US$1 it is hard to complain.
    Score: 3/5

    The app originally started as a free RSS reader to Cricinfo's news feeds, but it has since expanded to also link to scores. The layout is a bit strange with certain matches being linked to scorecards to the Cricinfo website (which obviously is not optimised for iPhone screen) and than a completely different section for the running commentary - very confusing and a lot of clicking around. However, again, for a free app and an amateur fan effort, it is very cute.
    Score: 4/5

    Virtual Cricket
    The most comprehensive cricket app on the iPhone by far. It takes the best features of every other app and presents it in a very professionally looking package, clearly optimised for the iPhone. It has the full scorecards & running commentary as well as comprehensive news from various RSS cricket feeds. Also thrown in (and it looks a bit thrown in as well at this stage) is a cricket trivia quiz. For US$1, you can't say that this is not absolutely great value and a standard that other cricket apps will need to strive to.
    Score: 5/5
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