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Thread: Simulation game advice

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    Simulation game advice

    Hi all,

    Just to bore you with a long story. Many years ago I used to own a basic cricket game on the Acorn Electron (remember them!!) which I absolutely loved. I have recently been searching for a similar type game when I stumbled across this site. I used to enjoy creating my own teams (me and 10 friends) and play against other created sides. Admittedly a lot of the results were randomly decided! I find the current "arcade" style games are too unrealistic and I dont particularly enjoy the game play. So simulation games are the way forward. From what I have seen so far they have improved dramatically!! I have seen one mentioned called ITC which seems to be the best around? and certainly the online aspect would be great fun. However, I would like the option of changing player names for my own games. Does anyone know if this can be done? If not does anybody know of any other games that may be suitable?

    Thanks in advance

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    seem no one has answered I will for you.

    First of all welcome to CricketWeb we are glad you have stumbled across this website, to answer your question both versions of ITC - International Test Cricket and Internet Test Cricket allow you to edit player names etc.

    From the official ITC website there is a database editor program, as well as a blank database that you are able to use at your own free will.

    Seem I am answering a question I will be honest and say to be careful trying to order this software though due to the fact that the website has a new post maybe once every year if you are lucky.

    Trying to get support from the creator is hard, do not get me wrong he does support the game, and has done so in the past - however trying to email him, contact him on his forums or message him on other forums that he posts on you get no response. And I should know as I have been trying to contact him for two weeks now with countless emails, messages on his forum, and also through this website.

    I am led to believe that despite this being the best simulator by far out there, the guy only checks his emails once a month etc, I know people who have ordered this game and got their game sent to them in two weeks another guy one month. Would be a better system if he set it up automated as there would be no issues.

    Anyway that is the answer to your question yes it can do the things you ask, yes it is the best out there but if you decide to buy it I hope that you have time to wait.

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