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Thread: 3D game model animation

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    3D game model animation

    Hiya everyone, thanx for your emails asking how our 3D Wicket Wackers 2003 game is shaping up, it's playing well and we hope to release screenshots and a demo version as soon as possible..

    We have just released onto our site 3 short avi's to show everyone a glimpse of how our game models are shaping up (please remember they are just Work in progress avi's) (1.2mb) (1.1mb) (2.1mb)

    Spend the roughly 2 minutes it takes to download these animations and give us your feedback...

    We want as much feedback as we can from you all to help up make the sort of game you all want...please give us your sugguestions...thanx
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    i watched them all. and they look REALLY good!!
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    Looking good.. although I reckon the bowler's chucking
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