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Thread: Live Mobile Cricket Scorecard and On Demand Stats

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    Live Mobile Cricket Scorecard and On Demand Stats

    Cricket Companion is a free mobile application for Cricket followers. It works on almost all Java enabled mobile phones.

    It provides live score cards for all international cricket games including Twenty20 world cup. It also provides on demand statistics including full score cards, squad profiles, recent results, event calendars etc.

    Its easy to download via three different ways:

    1- visit and click on the 'Download' button. Enter your mobile phone number and we will send you a free SMS with the download link.

    2- Browse your mobile to and download instantly to your phone.

    3- Download the attached file and follow the instructions in the 'install.txt' to transfer the application to your mobile phone.

    There is active support available through the website and email ( | |
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    Thanks definately gonna try this.

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    Haha. What a gun. He joins, and 2 years later he makes his first post. Class bloke tbh.
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    Hahaha, thats gold.
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