What do you want to see in cricket games? There seems to be a shortage of quality cricket games out there. The best I can think of is the Brian Lara series though, in my opinion it doesn't have alot of important things.

I would like to see a game wiht good graphics, and one that actually concentrates on how the shots look. There is nothing worse than shots looking horrible, I think it is important to make the shots look nice and compact. I think the graphics in Brian Lara Cricket, are nearly there! Infact BLIC looks very nice, in my opinion.

Secondly, I think it would be nice if there were maybe 3 different looking defensive shots. For example for one the batsmen goes low, the other he squares up after the shot and the third just being a textbook shot.

I think having statistics makes the game more interesting, especially if the statistics apply to a career player.

Well there's not really much to be said here, all round AI needs to be improved. Field placing, fielding, bowling and running between wickets should all both look nice and be "cleverer". Each batsmen will have weaknesses and the better teams should bowl to them.

I think it would be nice if there were more faces or body builds, similar to a tiger woods game.

Career Mode
I would like to see career mode a bit more personal and realistic

Finer Details
Just soem smaller things would be nice, for example you can net just before a game, and you can train on the actual playing field. Also form would be a nice idea, when a player is in bad form he gets a bit nervous and is more tentaive.

Anyone got an ideas? I just can't wait until I can sit down with a cricket game and be both challenged and entertained.