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Thread: International Cricket Captain III

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    International Cricket Captain III

    tep up to the wicket with International Cricket Captain III!!

    After 10 years at the top of the Cricket strategy league International Cricket Captain III has been rebuilt and relaunched for cricket fans of all ages; giving the player an addictive pick-up and play management game experience……..just like watching cricket on TV
    International Cricket Captain III is released for the first time on PS2 console and PSP handheld in the Autumn of 2007.

    ·Brand new 3D game engine and new televisual style display so players can watch the match as well as captain it
    ·Fully motion captured animations
    ·New 2007 database of each player for the current season, last season and career for all match types
    ·New Ball Tracker Cam instant replay displays the flight, pitch and line of each and every ball
    ·Realistic ball dynamics accurately simulating bowler speeds, spin and swing variable according to the pitch, and style of bowler
    ·Full range of over 60 classic strokes and aggressive slogs covering the full range of the shots; stops, sweeps, drives, cuts, hooks and many more
    ·Extended recorded commentaries from Jonathan (Aggers) Agnew

    Its out available in stores now!!

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    I wonder if this guys ever going to post again...
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