Hi, I need help in wanting to know where I can find more patches for CWC99, I am trying to reach EA by e-mail but do not have the address. If you know could you send it to me. Also I have given my views about the game below; I would like you to comment on it in case you have any further info or suggestions.

The views below is mainly for EA company ...

I bought Cwc99 sometime back and would like to share my comments and suggestions about the game and it’s up gradation.

I am certain of the fact that you are aware of the bugs that the game has. So I would not elaborate too much on that. For instance the ball scaling into the background is not very clear, is just one of the several bugs.

General Comments

I admit that the graphics is simply outstanding. No doubts on that one. EA has done a great job. I have played a couple of EA games like FIFA 99, FIFA 2000 and always appreciated the quality of graphics. So when I went in to buy CWC 99 I did so consciously. However there does seem scope for improving. For instance even after downloading the patches Ver1.1, I find the movements of the player’s jerky. The sequence of movement doesn’t look smooth. For instance when the batsmen change the sides (over the wicket or around the wicket) it looks as if the batsman walks in slow motion and as he is about to finish there seems a sudden jerk in motion. This is true even with the wicket keeper. There is an exaggerated look of swing in arm action as he throws the ball back to the bowler. Also noticed that at some particular instances the bowler appeals for apparently no reason, even when the batsman has played a proper shot.

The umpire’s hand looks very odd while giving a batsman out, it does not look like the finger is being raised. Well having said this, I believe EA has proved itself in other games so this game would not be very difficult to correct. Basically I would like the movements to look more realistic and smooth.

Batting Comments & Suggestions

I find that the intro to the game shows a variety of shots being played by the batsman and they are very impressive, but when it comes to playing the shot it is almost impossible to connect. I find the controls not very user friendly. Although the read me file says that for playing a power stroke press either the Z key or the left mouse button, but the point being missed is that the batting style is that of the real game. For instance if I have to play a straight drive I assume that I need to come a step forward and then press the key to hit it successfully. But I don’t know many of the techniques, so I am at a loss to play shots like PULL SHOT, THE SWEEP SHOT, THE SQUARE CUT, THE FLICK SHOT (Mark Waugh style), and THE REVERSE SWEEP etc. Unlike other games like cricket 96 where in the shots are standard, one doesn’t have to come out of the crease to hammer the ball, but in CWC99 it is more realistic and complicated.

What I suggest is some sort of a tutorial on batting where in a beginner gets to understand the controls and also the execution of the shot. This would be more applicable in the training mode. If I were batting and the computer bowling, then the computer could assist me in telling me that a shot pitch bowl is going to be bowled so in order to play a pull shot, after the release of the ball press the backward key, and press power key would be useful. Also the computer could play a particular shot and then allow the user to play the similar shot the next ball. This way the user gets accustomed to the controls and techniques of the game there by making it user friendly. Currently I spend a lot of time in figuring out the shot rather than enjoying the game. Please try and include this in the upcoming patches and also for future games. The trick or purpose for any game must be to bring it as close to reality as possible (in terms of graphic, which EA has done and continuing to do so successfully) and the other critical feature being user friendly controls.

Bowling Comments and Suggestions

Recently I saw the ashes and boy was it amazing watching Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillespie and Bret Lee take out the England team one by one. What was most pleasurable to watch was the line and length these guys bowled. Consistent line and length almost every time resulting in a snick to the first, second or third slip. That is what I expect in CWC99 while bowling. When I choose to bowl I try hard to bowl the ball chest height hoping to get an outside edge, but the ball just does not seem to bounce that high. In the ashes the line and length bowled by these guys is almost in the middle of the pitch, but when I try a bouncer in CWC99 I have to pitch almost at my bowler’s feet. That makes the line and length look very odd. Like I said the flow of action (line and length) should be smooth.

Another very critical feature to enhance the quality of the game would be to have the bowler’s action imbibed for each player. A Glenn McGrath has a particular action, a Jason Gillespie has a particular style, a Shane Warne another, but in CWC99 the action for all fast bowlers is the same. This is true even with the slow bowlers. In fact it looks pathetic, to see Shane Warne being selected and bowls (action of bowling) almost like a Chris Gayle of West Indies. I feel this is very important because if I see the bowler I have selected bowling just like the original it gives a much more terrific feeling, even if it happens to be wide. I would suggest EA to actively consider incorporating this feature of bowling action (includes for batting and fielding as well) to each player. I just feel the game would sell like hot cakes (if it does, I say it would probably double.)

Fielding Comments and suggestions

When I bowl and the batsman connects the ball well, all I do from there on is watch my fielder slowly run towards the ball, at times I have either rushed to get a drink or snack while this happens. This sort of automatic fielding does not give the control to the user. I have played Baseball 2000, in this game the control of the fielders is with the user, so you bat, you bowl and you field, so the total control of the game rests with the user. In fact it allows the user to judge as to when the fielder can dive to collect the ball. A similar sort of approach could be used for CWC99 and other games.

Other Comments and Suggestions

Another feature which can be considered is the option of customized teams. Nothing better than watching your name against a batsman and cracking a great cover drive or a bowler knocking of the middle stump or a fielder diving to catch the ball. This makes it all in all user friendly and very entertaining.

Last but not the least, there could be more animation when the ball hits the stumps, like the stumps flinging and spinning of the grass.

I guess I have covered most of it, nothing more to add as of now, if any, I will definitely e-mail EA.

Looking forward to hearing from EA about my suggestions. Please do let me know when the next patch will be released and what are the features that would be included or the bugs that were eliminated.

Overall feel it is EA's responsibility to provide more patches for download so that the errors are corrected. That is the only way I feel my money spent on this game would be worth it!
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