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Thread: Cricket Coach Pro released!

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    Icon7 Cricket Coach Pro released!

    CRICKET COACH is back - and better than ever before!

    It's four months since we released the first version of Cricket Coach and in that time we've fixed over 100 individual bugs and have honed the gameplay experience, by introducing several exciting features!

    From the tactical viewpoint we have added a bowling plan editor, so you can now choose exactly where the bowler will bowl, and to what fields. Elsewhere we now have a large selection of real life world records, in all forms of the game.

    Other new features include advanced HTML output, the ability to import you own player photos, man of the match awards, enhanced news items and an in-built skin changer!

    Cricket Coach is available for immediate download and purchase for only 19.99 from We also include a free 2 day trial period during which you can play for free.

    Existing softwrap license holders can upgrade for free immediately by heading to and downloading the latest version!

    Download Cricket Coach Pro now and enjoy 2 free days play
    Cricket Coach 2009 - Now only 14.99!
    Download the FREE trial now!

    The most accurate and detailed cricket game ever created. Includes Tests/ODIs/World Cup/Intercontinental Cup/World Cricket League. Plus domestic competitions from around the world and IPL!

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    The following is taken from the CC website and is useful for those with the CD version (Marcus Trescothick's Cricket Coach) who wish to upgrade to Cricket Coach Pro..

    "Upgrading from Marcus Trescothick's Cricket Coach to Cricket Coach Pro

    Cricket Coach in 2006 has been available in two version. A CD-ROM version titled "Marcus Trescothick's Cricket Coach", available for around 9.99. There is also the Softwrap version called Cricket Coach Pro, available for 19.99. The Cricket Coach Pro version is 10 more but contains many extra features.

    We appreciate some people may have bought the CD-ROM version in a retail store without knowing about the enhanced version available online. As a result of this we are allowing people who have the CD-ROM version to send their copies in for a 10 discount on Cricket Coach Pro. So in essence they just pay the 10 difference to upgrade to a full Cricket Coach Pro licence

    If you wish to do this then please package up your MTCC Box and CD-Rom, it must be complete (i.e. box and CD). Then send it to the address below along with your name, address and a valid email address (cruicial). Within 7 days of receiving your package we will email you with a voucher code which will give you 10 off when purchasing the Cricket Coach Pro edition through the Softwrap system

    FAO Upgrade Department

    Rockingham Software Ltd

    74 St Peters Road



    United Kingdom

    Please email and let us know if you do this, so we know when to expect your package. Note: This service will begin on August 14th 2006, so please don't send anything until at least August 11th."

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    i downloaded the trial its a good game

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    hi does anybody know if there is going to be an editor for mtcc as somebody on the offical forum said a guy from cricket web was doing one any ideas!

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    since you live 30 minutes of Oli, why don't you ask it yourself...I don't know anything about an editor, or if its in the making?
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    Wishful thinking on your behalf.

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    As has been mentioned on the forums, an editor is not currently available but it may be added in the future. But, the game's code doesn't stop other people from making their own editor.

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