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Thread: Cricket Coach: Availability Update

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    Icon14 Cricket Coach: Availability Update

    From Cricket Coach website:

    Availability update
    Posted by Oli Norwell on April 2nd 2006
    Since the first version of the game was released on Friday we've had many reports of users experiencing the game crash back to the desktop.

    This has concerned us as we never had any of these problems whilst testing. After some investigating it appears that the Softwrap code which checks for the end of your trial period may be interfering with the game and causing it to crash.

    Until we can be confirm this one way or another we have removed the download. The title will be released again once we are certain that the game is compatible with the Softwrap system.

    We apologise for releasing the title without adequate testing of the Softwrap locking mechanism, this was an oversight. We simply wished to spend all our time improving gameplay features, in hindsight we should have given more time to testing the Softwrap compatibility with our title.

    Please note: If you have already downloaded the title and it works correctly on your machine then by all means keep playing the game, the Softwrap system is secure for payments and it is only the part that checks for the end of a trial that we believe may cause problems.

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    Hehe, very quick.

    Yes just to confirm we've taken the download down until we can clear these crashes, we'll get to the bottom of it soon and then all should be well again.

    If you've got the title and it's working fine on your machine, then there is no need to do anything, the Softwrap payment system will still work fine. We just didn't want new downloaders to have the annoying keyboard messagebox come up, which is now fixed I'm pleased to say!


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    good to hear Oli
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