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Thread: Cricket Coach: Early Release Feedback

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    Icon10 Cricket Coach: Early Release Feedback

    From Cricket Coach website:

    Posted by Oli Norwell on April 1st 2006

    Firstly thanks to everyone who has downloaded and purchased the title so far, whilst we are having some initial 'teething' problems it's nice to hear that people are enjoying the game.

    The biggest issue many users are having is related to the 'acquire keyboard' bug, this is down to a small oversight in the DirectX code that initialises the game. Whilst we agree this is a complete pain, it isn't serious, and will be sorted very shortly.

    We're in the process of creating a page with frequently asked questions, this will give solutions to most of the problems people are experiencing. This page should be available fairly soon.

    It has been questioned why we would release a version of the game with several bugs present, the honest answer is that we haven't experienced any of the bugs mentioned whilst playing on our own systems. We acknowledge these problems exist, and have begun to fix them.

    The great news is that we're not about to dissapear, new improved versions of the game will be released at regular intervals over the coming months. So you can be sure we'll keep developing the title and adding improvements for the foresable future.

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    And there was me thinking that stupid AI was the biggest issue
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