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Thread: Hamilton 'The legend' Masakadza

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    Hamilton 'The legend' Masakadza

    Now I'm in charge of Zim on ICC 2002, in 2008 and on the up in both forms of the games after some horrible earlier years, with some real trashings in Asia. Now earlier on Hamilton was so hit and miss but over the past 3 or so years he's really taken his game to a new level and averages 47 in tests and 42 in ODI's. He's been averaging over 60 in both forms now for 3 years running. His averages are just flying up every season.

    I've never had such a destructive batsman on the game, I was just wondering if other people had experience with him and how good has he got on your games.

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    He was a god for me on 2002.

    Averaged over 50 in Tests, was the captain for years and forged a great opening partnership, and then moved down to 3 for a few years as a new opener appeared. Then he retired Played till 2025 or so as well.
    Or something.

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    2025?!?!? Must have been well into his 40's then.

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    haha cool
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