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Thread: ICC2002 Test match

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    ICC2002 Test match

    I was playing ICC2002 as I do form time to time and today I was playing a test Series England vs West Indies (I was England). After losing the first test, the second test was starting to look even worse and at one point I even thought of declaring the second innings for 0 runs to keep my batsmen in good form. What happened shows why this option should not be considered.

    After this the fourth test was lsot by 2 runs. Subsequently the Fifth test was also lost as a win was needed for a series draw.
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    Bloomin hell that is one big run chase, looked like a cracker of an innings from Vaughan at the top.

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    How the hell did Tudor top score in your first innings? LOL!

    Anyway mammoth chase, top effort!
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    Good bowling I guess. All I tried to do was defend but that didn't work very well. So in the second innings it was attack from the beginning. He also made a good score there.

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