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Thread: Cricket Mania

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    Cricket Mania

    I know some of you know that I made a pbem tournament before (some time ago), and i was running it. Well that was the first time i created a pbem cricket game and hit a lot of issues, combined with a lack of time, the game was inefficient. So I have created another cricket pbem tournament, using Total Cricket again, which means its a one day cricket game and its called Cricket Mania.

    Cricket Mania is by far better than my previous pbem tournament, I have created a diffferent style. The game is more efficient, a lot more involving.

    The game at the moment is open for registration - everyone is welcome, its 100% free. I am though looking for a couple of forum moderators to help me out, you will have your own team and will help manage the forums. Also, if there are large number registrations, then i may need some divison managers.

    So now you can go to the site and register your team, before anyone takes your team name. Read the rules for information! Go here: Cricket Mania
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    And working on a Battrick Noob Guide-still a fair way to go.

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    What's the site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burkey_1988
    What's the site?
    i fixed it, its anyway.

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