Maximus Gaming is a new game development company, hoping to take gaming to the edge. Our maiden release is going to be a cricket management game, the name Codenamed HowzatCricket Master (During development)
Now for a little history of this game, and its developers. The game started from a conversation between Greg Horrigan and Samiur Rahman about cricket management games sometime in July. They decided on starting their own project, and they started to recruit members. To develop a proper base for the game, webspace was provided by Planet Cricket, and Makarand Gadre chipped in to buy the domain. Work started in the form of roster work, but came to a stand still in early September as the teams leader Greg Horrigan suddenly disappeared, or went offline., Then Gaurav Das, another member of the coding team, came together with the original starter of the game Samiur Rahman and revived the project. October 27th was the official birth of the game when the first line of code for the game was written. As the project advanced, so did the experience and determination of the two Project Executives. Many members joined the HC forums, and are now working very hard for the game. Since the game is being made by a whole team of developers, the leader Das decided to name it a company, Maximus Gaming. Recently the code of the uncompleted game Cricket Master 2005 was handed over to Gaurav Das, which marker the merging of the Two games.
The main members of the company are: Gaurav Das, Samiur Rahman, Usman, Willie Liebenberg. Their average age comes out to be only 16, so the company is made up of very young people, who are busy with school or college work. Yet, they find time to develop this game.
Now, we get to the details of the game.
Codenamed "Howzat Cricket Master" is a game for cricket fans with a lust for a great cricket managing game and who has the guts to face failure. We are trying to emulate the success of Footie Managers, The Features list can be viewed at

Well, we have done 40% of the game in respect of coding, but only about 10% in the respect of graphics. But here are a few which have been integrated in to the coding. Rosters for SA is complete. And some others are in progress.

We are going to leave u a couple of ingame screenshots done till now. The game is actually done much more than the screens shown here As in case of the ratings screen, it is fully functional. It calculates points exaclty as is done by the Officail LG ICC Ratings Rules suggest and so over a period of time while playing u can see changes in rankings which are calculated as in real life. Also what the second screen dosent show is that the logo of SA in the white box is actually a revolving logo (somewhat like SkySports revolving logos) .Since other screens that are completely coded are just skeletal screens with no graphics so we decided not to show those. We will be posting regularly, more screenshots in future.

Saimur Rahman & Gaurav Das
Maximus Gaming