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Thread: Cricket Coach - Series of 2D View screenshots released...

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    Cricket Coach - Series of 2D View screenshots released...

    We have today released four screenshots of the 2D match view available in Cricket Coach, these show some action from the 2005/2006 Australian domestic season.

    Check them out at:

    Oli Norwell
    Rockingham Software

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    nice work Oli they look great, the website is looking good too
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    Not as good as ICC 2D but still should be good.

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    What has particuarly excited me about the game is the range of stats available for each player. Personally I enjoy the game screen in icc where you can select highlights levels, but a lack of stats limits the game.

    It would also be great to see regular pieces of information come up in the gameplay, e.g hick 23 minutes without a run, flintoff quickest 50 in test cricket etc. Even info such as players highest scores of there career and even the season.

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