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Thread: Doesn't score quick enough!

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    Doesn't score quick enough!

    Does anyone agree that in First Class matches players often don't score quickly enough? Often if a player gets a century it is off 200+ balls, with a strike rate of less than 50%. This happens even with attacking batsman on 4 bars aggression.

    In FC cricket, centuries are often off between 120 and 160 balls. This seemed OK for icc2002, but scoring in cricket has sped up since then. It seems scoring rates are set to a suitable level for test matches, but they don't really fit in for FC matches.

    It often takes 30 or more balls to get the first 10 runs, which makes sense on defensive settings, but If I try to attack more from the outset the batsmen gets out. Struggling to score more than 320 runs in a day makes draws happen more often than wins or loses.
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    I agree.

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    Got to agree, particuarly when you also have rain and lose upto 5 hours of play as well. It can make getting a result virtually impossible on a good batting pitch however aggressive you are when attempting to acumilate runs quickly.

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    I agree.But if in 4 day games you start your batsman on 2 or 3 bars until he maybe gets to around 40.Then when he's settled he'll start getting runs at a faster pace.So try doing that.

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    In ICC2002, as the years went by, the generated players seemed to be able to score centuries at higher strike rates. 350+ in a day was pretty common once you got some good youth players.

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    I start batsman off with 3 bars, once he's passed 3 quarters full he goes up to 4. If he's full bars and the balls old I'll put him up to 5 sometimes.
    How do you ensure a high scoring cricket game?

    Play it in Australia and open the bowling with Andrew Flintoff.

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