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Thread: ebay prices in Australia

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    Icon14 ebay prices in Australia

    Just wanted to let people know. Prices are going nuts.

    Someone just sold a copt of International Cricket Captain 2005 for $70.

    Prices are in Aussie Dollars.

    I've just put my copies of International cricket captains 2000 and 2002 on.
    With only a few hours to go 2000 is $20
    2002 is $15.

    Which I consider quite good. Six months ago I'd be flat out get $5 for each.

    The Fantastic series between England and Australia I think made a big demand for cricket games.

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    Why did someone pay $70 for ICC-2005!!

    I saw it in EB Games (Myer centre store) in Brisbane for $49.95. Seems Red Ant are distributing it again as per all the other ICC games.

    Mind you still not yet got my copies. Hopefully Empire will be sending me some soon!


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