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Thread: Cricket Player Career game - small help required

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    Cricket Player Career game - small help required

    I'm designing a game where you control the career of one cricketer (not a totally unique concept, but one which I hope to add some different touches to). Features will be working your way up from a district side into the international team, plus having to make decisions in game for fielding, bowling and/or batting, depending on the type of player you create. It will be RPG-based in terms of experience gained for each game, distributing points to attributes and special skills that can be earned in training. Of course, other options such as retirement and responding to news articles/criticism/interviews will be included. I plan to also have full statistical tracking and record keeping as well.

    For the batting side of it, instead of merely simulating the game and receiving your score, you are actually required to choose a shot when the ball is bowled to you within a time limit, depending on the difficulty level (i.e. on hard, you might only get 1-2 seconds to choose, simulating the "on-the-fly" choice made in real life). Some of you might be aware of the system in New Star Soccer -- this is similar. There is an image of the pitch, and when the ball is bowled it appears on the pitch and you have to make a decision by pressing the corresponding button as to which shot is the most appropriate in the situation.

    The shots/actions that can be played are:

    Front Foot: Forward Defence, Late Cut, Square Drive, Cover Drive, Off Drive, Straight Drive, On Drive, Leg Glance, Sweep
    Back Foot: Backward Defence, Backware Steer, Square Cut, Back Foot Cover Drive, Back Foot Straight Drive, Back Foot On Drive, Back Foot Leg Glance, Hook, Pull
    Duck Ball
    Leave Ball

    I don't want all of these "enabled" or available when the ball is bowled, depending on the individual ball. So what I'm asking is for opinions as to what shots/action should be available for each of the balls marked 1-10 here:

    If any of you cricket buffs could help me decide what shots should be available for each of the above balls, or alternatively, if I'm missing any shots or mis-grouped them, 'll put you in the credits Example might be:

    Ball 3: Forward Defence, Backward Defence, Back Foot On Drive, etc.

    Please assume it's a right-hand batsman with a right-handed bowler coming over the wicket, with a normal bouncing and swinging pitch. Depending on the ball, I'm looking at a max 4-5 shots. Stay tuned as well, I will be posting screenshots of the game in action when it's done.

    Any comments or suggestions for the game are appreciated as well. Thanks for contributing!
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    no probs lets go in order;

    ball one: leave ball, its really short though, maybe square cut, and hook
    ball two: off drive, cover drive, late cut,
    ball three: on drive, forward defense, straight drive
    ball four: on drive, leg -glance, leave,
    ball five: forward defense, straight drive
    ball six: sqaure cut, back-foot drives (off or cover) late cut
    ball seven: pull, hook,
    ball eight: cut, pull, hook, duck, leave
    ball nine: back defense, pull, back0foot on drive
    ball ten: duck, hook, leave

    also for spinners all full balls should be able to drive and anything on the leg-side swept.

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    Bumpuss is right.

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    desetoiles do you need help?

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