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Thread: Cricket 2005 - Opinions Please!

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    Cricket 2005 - Opinions Please!

    Just got the game today on the XBox,

    Firstly it is noticeable that the game is 100 times better looking with fairly comical characters. Obviously I was playing an Ashes as my first game and straight away noticed the realism of Flintoff and McGrath especially. Something the last installment lacked.

    Bowling is easy enough. Not conceding runs is very simple but getting wickets perhaps not so much. If you bowl enough dot balls or get a wicket you get a "special ball". This allows a perfectly pitched yorker to be bowled or reverse swinging yorker, a slower ball or a well pitched bouncer. A good addition it must be said.

    Batting however is so much harder however. On "normal" the bowlers simply to do not put it wide... ever. So scoring runs is simply working it away on the leg side. Timing is a lot more difficult unless your batsmen is very confident.

    Great game though and good to see drastic improvements.. but...

    YOU CANNOT SAVE A GAME WHILST PLAYING IT! I was in the middle of a test match and then found out you cant save the bloody thing!

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    Any other interesting features?
    Don't go chasing waterfalls

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    Suggestions - it's in the wrong forum.

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    sounds all to similar to C2004 for my liking, i wont be buying it unless something really impresses me about it.

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    its in the right forum

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    OMG this game suck...:S sooo easy getting lbw's n stuff as a spinner!
    bowl em pace..guarenteed wicket.
    batting is almost impossible!
    P.S. We beat England at Lord's
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