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Thread: 2 cricket games!!!?

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    2 cricket games!!!?

    So we get two Cricket games Cricket 2005 and BLC this year eh? Thats so will probably be a good thing coz both companies might try and be better than the other.

    How do you guys rate the two games relative to each other, as in what game are you looking forward to more?

    I saw the graphics of Cricket2005 and was very much impressed...the faces look very good But how will the game play be, I have no idea.

    So far it seems like the game play of BLC looks better though but I'm not sure.

    Can you guys speculate/let me know?

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    EA seem to be using the same game engine with slightly better graphics so expect poor AI and loads of bugs. They've also added very little in the way of features from C2k4. They're two headline grabbers are manual appeal and dive for the crease both of which were in Cricket97!
    BLIC, on the other hand, has the suprise element about it because no-one knows how good it'll be until they actually release it. Codies, unlike EA, have a good track record for releasing patches for their games to sort the bugs out. Gameplay seems to have been radically overhauled as well. One drawback is that BLIC only has the international teams.
    To be honest I would think long and hard before buying EA c2k5. They've consistently treated their customers with distain and released sub-standard products. If you do want to buy it anyway, wait 'til you've heard some reviews from gamers first. I'm personally prepared to give Codies a chance and buy BLIC. They've got a lot of new ideas and understand the importance of gameplay over graphics. However I really wouldn't like to judge just how good BLIC is before it is released. We all got excited pre-release about c2k4 having been told about a load of features that never actually made it into the game.
    I suspect EA will release another shoddy effort and they will be rewarded with everyone buying BLIC instead.

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