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Thread: Another Bradman?

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    Averaged around 100 for quite a while, he got to about 35,000 test runs. luckily i've still got the save game

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    I'm the new bloke here. But i've had ICC 2002 for a while, i started with Durham and won nearly every division since 2002, (im currently at 2018)
    All my leading batsmen average over 40 in first class. And the same in One Day. I use 4 bowlers, 2 spin, 2 pace all averaging below 19 in first class and some as low as 9 in one day.
    My top player is named Jonathan Roebuck (all rounder) started in 2oo7, since then he averages 51.6 in first class, and 56.0 in one day, as well as averaging 27 in FC and 22 in OD with the ball.
    I did have a player averaging 86 in first class and 72 in OD but i had to give him away because he was asking 107, 000 per season and i got gutted that year (injuries and international selections) so I didnt have the income to support him. I didnt resign him thinking i could get him back later, but no team bought him and the next season he didnt show up at all.
    So G'day and im also waiting for a solution to the ACC xp problem.

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    G'Day Burkey, welcome to CricketWeb (I'm sure that name sounds familiar :P)

    As for the ACC problem, I don't think we've got much hope

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