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Thread: "I Cricket" Match Simulator V1.1

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    "I Cricket" Match Simulator V1.1

    I've now uploaded version 1.1 of my game.

    You can download it from:

    I'd appreciate if you could direct any specific technical problems or bugs to my own forum - but obviously i'm not trying to take general discussion away from here.

    It includes the following changes:
    *Manual change of bowlers
    *Manual Choice of Batting Order and wicketkeeper
    *Computer much more intelligent when deciding on the use of bowlers
    *Running between wickets is slower, so now there are more singles (rather than 2's and 3's)
    *Added No Balls, byes, leg byes and wides
    *Fixed bug where ball buttons were not dissapearing at the end of an over
    *Improved the field editor, including field preview
    *Wicket keepers and slips come up for spin bowlers
    *Increased the benefit of a ball being slow for the batsman to have time to take a shot
    *Intelligent batting orders
    *Teams are now chosen from squads
    *Player files can be called anything, not just player1.txt...
    *More fields included
    *Player details can now be views in game, try double clicking on a player name!
    *Can now view the full scorecard at any time in a game



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    looking good, the screen is abit cluttered but its all good.

    when bowling if you dont have it maxed out in your view (for me when i dont have the task bar on auto hide) you cant hit the bowl next over or bowl next ball button.
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    Good work!

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    Nice sim so far. Only one thing though, I found the simulation mode to run quite slow. This could pose problems later on if you plan to have the option of simulating many series/seasons. My old cricket sim project was in Java too, now I'm starting up again but in C# this time. After using JFrame etc, programming user interfaces in C# is so much faster. Good work overall, keep it up.

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