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Thread: Your Weirdest Backyard Rule?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waughney
    We used to have a similar thing. If you hit a 6, if you could gather it in a certain amount of time, you could bat again.
    We have:

    over fence on full - out
    over fence on bounce/rebound - not out if you get the ball in a reasonable length of time
    over fence of body (playing against back fence) - not out if you get the ball in a reasonable length of time

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    Ive got a big garden so it can be rather fun.
    Past the garden and you get a 4, past the garden with no bounce and its a 6. Can only get 4 or 6 by hitting it straight down the garden.. If it goes over the fence, out with no runs. Ball can be stopped by almost everything. Once we played cricket and i hit the ball and it got caught by the Lawn Mower! Another time was when i was gonna hit a four and my cat got in the way! My brother once got ran out by my cat. Dont ask how. The cats ok though. I also like the rule. Over the house and 10 runs. And you stay in only if you can find the ball. Over the house and never been done yet though.Hehe. Oh im not from West Brom.
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    Oh its true

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockymazza
    Another time was when i was gonna hit a four and my cat got in the way! My brother once got ran out by my cat. Dont ask how.
    im sorry, but i have to.

    please go on
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    yes, please enlighten us
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    Backyard Cricket

    The Ground: A small grassy area just outside my house. The boundaries are comprised on the off side in the form of a mildly busy road, on the straight boundary is a fence covered with brambles with a field of corn behind it and behind the batsman and on the on side are houses except for a small area near to the field end where there is a front garden hedge. There is also a big tree that sits about 2 metres off the square. The square itself is generally flat with no bumps except for when it dips just about where the perfect lengthed ball should be pitched creating all sorts of odd bounces.

    Teams: Due to the idiots that live in the village, teams are generally restricted to only one

    Scoring: Singles and twos are unheard of in this version of the game. Runs also cannot be scored by hitting the walls of the houses (unless the ball then bounces to any other boundary) but can by hitting the ball onto the road, hedge, fence and field. Runs can't be scored behind the batsman when there is no one there to be a wicketkeeper. If the ball goes across any boundary: Bounces - 4 runs, No bounce - 6. When the ball its the wall it doesn't count as a bounce.

    Dismissal: Batsmen can be out in all standard ways - most common are bowled and caught. However batsmen are also out if they hit the ball into neighbour's gardens or lose the ball in the field. Batsmen can also be caught off the wall as long as the ball hasn't bounced. No automatic wicketkeeper.

    The Ball: Ranges from a Slazenger training ball, to a Readers Swing Ball to a tennis ball...depends what hasn't been lost, all add different things to the game.

    Fairly length but quite a full set of rules

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    Greater London (UK)

    My garden rules

    10 mins each, highest score after 2 innings and you win!

    Hit tree- 4, unless you are caught one-handed in which case you are out
    Hit fence on full- 6
    Hit fence after 1+ bounces- 4
    Over the fence- Out unless you can retrieve it within the remainder of your batting time
    Edge and caught on chair- Out
    Hits kitchen on french doors- Wide
    Beamers- If you get hit, no-ball
    Bouncers- The more painfull, the better!

    Its hard not to bowl bouncers- becuase in the peak of the heat, the pitch is hard and dry, so any good length ball is a jaffa, as it either takes your head off, or sends your middle stump cartwheeling.

    Its more of a geographical danger zone than a ten10 pitch- Green, Dusty and really Hard

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    if you dived on the concrete to get home at my school you would be safe, needless to say it wasnt a rule regularly called upon
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    BackYard Cricket

    My Backyard Cricket Rules
    Hit A Pot Plant
    Hit The Ball Over The Fence
    Hit The Chair (Silly Mid Off)
    Run Out
    Caught by Auto Wicket Keeper and Slips
    Hit Window

    Hit Behind The BBQ 6 runs
    Hit Fence on Fall 6 Runs
    hit rocks near fence 4 runs

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    Peshawer Pakistan
    you cannot hit the ball above the bowlers can only drive the ball
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    If you hit it over the fence on the leg side twice in one over, you get 6 runs and you're out. Batsman and bowler take turns getting the ball.
    Hit it over the fence to the off side and you're out for no runs (it's much harder to get into the garden on the off side) and the batsman gets the ball.
    Hit a window and you're out.
    Hit it through an open window and you get 50 runs and are out.
    Play the ball onto the fence behind you and you're out.

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    hit the ball up so it hit a 30-foot-in-the-air and 1-foot-thick tree then it bounces back and you catch yourself out = 111 runs + not out

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    wigan, england
    If the ball lands on a chair you're out
    one handed catches only off the caravan!

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    Londonderry near Richmond, Australia
    one of my rules is if u can hit a tennis ball on the full past the 150 foot high trees with brances yeah theres 2 off them and over a wheelbarrow which is about 65 metres = 12 runs and we also have 1 hand 1 bounce and if u hit it one a roof and it rolls off and is caught its out
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    BBQ on the full = 50.

    Hit the ball into any clothes on the clothesline on the full = caught.

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    Used to play with the neighbours...

    Hit over their fence, not out
    Hit over the other side neighbours fence, not out if ball retrieved
    Hit over the over 2 fences with the big, huge dogs, not out and a second life if you got the ball (which never happened!)

    Park Rules

    Over the road on on-side - 25 runs
    Over the road on off-side - 40 runs
    Over the road straight - 50 runs
    Hit top pf telegraph pole - 1 million (happened once)

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