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Thread: Bradman -- Funny Story

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    Bradman -- Funny Story

    This story comes from the 2-part ABC documentry about Don Bradman that was screened recently.

    It was a game late in Don's career and he had just come into bat shortly before lunch. He was straight into form square driving 3 consecutive deliveries to the boundary.

    The opposition keeper was playing his first first-class match and thought he'd take the p*ss out of Don, so he walked up to the great man and said "I guess thats the only shot you know how to play?" (obviously, the guy was a complete idiot).

    Don just smiled and replied, "I'll show you a few more this afternoon if you'd like."

    The next delivery was very quick and Don square drove, and it flew like a rocket to the boundary.

    Don turned to the keeper and said, "Sorry, but I did say this afternoon."
    So THAT was your mystery ball?

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    LOL, I can't beleive I forgot to watch that series. Damn....
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    Its got me thinking about some other funny stories I've heard or read about.

    I think this one comes from an Ian Chappell book, but I can't be sure...

    When Viv Richards was playing county cricket back in the late 1970's he came in to face a young bowler who had he tail up after collecting a couple of quick wickets.

    Anyway, in came the young bowler and let fly a beautiful late outswinger. Viv moved forward and drove cautiously at it, but missed the ball narrowly.

    The young bowler smiled at Viv and said, "I'll give you a hint, Richards...It's red!!!". Viv just ignored him and waited for him to walk back to his mark.

    The next ball was a carbon-copy of the first one and Viv played the same shot, with the same result. The young bowler smirked and said, "I'll give you another hint,'s round!!!". Viv ignored him again and waited for him to walk back to his mark.

    The next ball was a screamer. Very fast, late swinging and on a beautiful length. Viv took one step up the pitch and hit the ball back over the bowlers head, over the fence and completely out of the ground.

    With that Richards smiled at the young bowler and said, "Now that you know what it looks like, you %$#$%, go and find it!!!".

    I don't know how true that story is, but it cracks me up.

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    I just recently heard Wasim saying that " Inzi had a deal with his local team that if batting first he will score a century then the captain is going to allow him to sleep and 12th man will field in place of him ."
    (Wasim upon the incident of Inzamam sitting on the arm chair after the net practice and not doing the running practice)
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    Good luck at the hospital.
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    Fraz is always the best option IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveG
    I don't know how true that story is, but it cracks me up.

    Is true, and the bowler was Greg Thomas of Glamorgan
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    i heard it 2... ver funny!!!!

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