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Thread: The ICC Champions Trophy

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    The ICC Champions Trophy

    Sorry, couldn't see any major thread for this... but it's only a week away now, who do you think will win this one? Any predictions at all?

    I'm obviously going for New Zealand - I think the winner of the Aussie-NZ match will win the tournament, and that it may as well be the final. Absurd to put #1 and #2 in the ICC rankings in the same group, but I suppose it was just a match made so a transtasman game will definitely happen...? Regardless, I feel that match is pretty much 50/50 right now on who will win, although I imagine the bookies favour Aussie. Outsiders Pakistan and Sri Lanka could also take the trophy.

    England vs. Zimbabwe - England win.
    NZ vs. USA - NZ win.
    India vs. Kenya - India win.
    SA vs. Bangladesh - SA win.
    Australia vs. USA - USA obviously win by a major landslide.
    Pakistan vs. Kenya - Pakistan win.
    Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe - Sri Lanka win.
    Windies vs. Bangladesh - Windies win.
    Aussie vs. NZ - NZ win... (oo-er)
    Sri Lanka vs. England - Sri Lanka win.
    SA vs. Windies - SA win.
    India vs. Pakistan - Pakistan win.

    NZ vs. Sri Lanka - NZ win.
    Pakistan vs. SA - Pakistan win.

    NZ vs. Pakistan - NZ win.

    That would make my month! It's possible, though. If not NZ, it'll be Aussie, and if not Aussie, it'll be SL after they beat NZ. Whoever beats NZ should take it, in other words. That's my pick. I wouldn't be surprised if Bangladesh upset the Windies or if India upset Pakistan, mind you.
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    You're correct. There is no major thread. There is a major forum.

    Still, I reckon you're not too far off with your tips...some Indian fans might reckon they're favourites against Pakistan, and given SA's one-day form, I wouldn't be very surprised if they lost to WI, either.
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    Edinburgh (although I'm a New Zealander)
    Foiled again! And I would have got away with it if it weren't for those meddling, er, uh... if it weren't for me only ever looking at CricketChat and CricketWeb XI. Oops. I'll roll over and die now.

    'spose a mod can close/move this thread as they see fit.

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    <quack> No, I think we will leave it just where it is, forever to remain a reminder and a warning to all and sundry of what living on a diet of haggis can do to the brain.

    You're a hard duck, DD

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    Foul stuff, anyway.
    If you ask me, that is, of course.
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    Loony, when the groups were set, NZ were down in about 6th or 7th.

    The fact they set the groups about 18 months back is Loony though, Bob.
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