102, 102, 101, 102- no that’s not my total runs in my recent Twenty20 game but my temperature, thus the reason we haven’t seen an AllOut recently. I’m feeling better, thanks.

-clouds cancel out games in the Netherlands/VideoCon Cup. It’s not clouds of marijuana smoke, but the ones that carry rain.

-APC American unprofessional Cricket ends it regular season b/c, and I quote directly from its site
The games in CH was cancelled because of the lack of importance of the game. Pro Cricket has a policy of not playing the games that have no importance to them on the points table. CH could not have made the play off even if they won the game therefore Pro Cricket chose to not play the games.

To those who were looking forward to these games Pro Cricket sincerely apologizes for the inconvinience.

Pro Cricket
so, with this understanding, I’d say at least a dozen teams in Major League Baseball should just close up shop for the season. This is the anvil that breaks the camel’s back for me. yes, anvil, not straw. The entire season there were problems with the league, ranging from an hour delay b/c someone forgetting the wickets to not allowing pace bowling due the pitches conditions. I was one of the people that always said give it a chance, give it a chance, but seriously, the canceling of games b/c the are deemed not important is absolutely crazy, and definitely not professional.

-the ICC champions trophy start in 16 days, over at they have a fantasy cricket thingy set up for, go and check it and play against people from all over the world

-the aussie domestic season starts Oct 10, Bulls plan on Blitzing NSW

-the APC playoffs have been announced, pending the leagues feeling that the games won’t be deemed pointless, the schedule is ---- actually I am not even going to mention it, really does it matter? Will this ‘league’ or moreso a collection of exhibitions be around next year? Ok, I won’t be that bitter, aug27 jersey plays texas, aug29 Florida plays SanFran, and the final is maybe sept3.

-I admit I have been watching the Olympics, enjoying the women’s beach volley especially with the swimmers the ladies wear! It gets me to think, honestly, how great would it have been to watch Twenty20? Seeing a possible India-Pak final, maybe the Black Caps shocking the Aussies in the semi’s, England finally doing better in a non-test match?

-Talking about the Olympics, in 2012 Baseball will be huge with all the MLB’ers playing if it’s held in NYC, or Twenty20 will be constant sell-outs if it goes to England. The big question is, does that mean there has to be a Great Britain team, and no England, Scotland, or Wales?

-ok, i'm all out...... wait, one last thing, shameless plug, read all this and maybe more at www.**********.com (no relation to any other "big" sites)