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Thread: Videocon Cup LIVE from Holland,FREE Video Available

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    Videocon Cup LIVE from Holland,FREE Video Available

    Yes that is right, we here at PC, have obtained a live video stream of the Holland Cup. So here is the deal, only those who can view the Media Section(50 posts) can be able to get the live stream.

    Tonight's match, is not confirmed if it will be avilable on live stream(Ind vs Aus), however there is still a chance, so check out PC around match time. i know some will say, please give it to us regulars, but my advice is you got two days to get to 50 posts(no spam) til Pakistan vs Australia(which we will most likely be broadcasting).

    So that is it, so go out and check the Media Section.

    P.S To make this work, I think you will need DSL/Broadband, as the video rate is 140 kbps

    register first and then get 50 posts and then go into media section and bingo u can watch LIVE *********!!!!!!! GREAT ISNT IT!! also are also trying to notch up icc trophy deal, so get signed up, its FREEEEEE

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