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Thread: Is he the most underrated player?

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    Is he the most underrated player?

    No, not talking about Darren Lehmann (the Boof) but about Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

    He has been a standout in the Windies team that has slumped to a new low. England has already won the Wisden Trophy again and most certainly will whitewash the Windies but Shiv has been like the Rock of Gibraltar.

    Since his dismissal for seven in the first Test against Bang, Chanders has posted:

    - An unconquered 101 against Bangladesh in the second test

    - Another unbeaten 128 in the first dig of the 1st test against England at Lords, and 97 not out in the second

    - And then a 45 in the first dig at Edgbaston

    - a 76 at Old Trafford and then a 2

    NET RESULT - played for some 22 hours worth amassing 447 - for thrice out.

    Now by any standards, that's an awesome example of Shiv's powers of concentration and digging in against all odds, in a side that is but a shadow of the mighty Windies lineup under the captaincy of Frank Worrell in the 60's, Clive Lloyd in the 70's, and Viv in the 80's.

    Yet Windies skipper Lara is the world record holder 400 nout out against England at Antigua and highest first class score of 501 not out for Warwickshire against Durham, like a decade ago.

    And vice captain Sarwan is no slouch either.

    His 139 in the first dig against England at Egdbaston was his fifth test ton and he's averaging 44, Gayle has scored 66,81,7, and 82 supporting his five centuries.

    Point being - with all that batting talent its hard to comprehend how they been hammered by 210, 256, and wickets in successive tests.

    Simply, the Windies attack is pedestrian. There's no Wes Hall, Charlie Griffiths, Courtney Walsh, Mike Holding, Malcolm Marshall, Andy Roberts or Joel Garner with the new ball.

    The side is bereft of genuine pace - no current Windies quickies can blast out a side like those old guys, nor a Lance Gibbs to spin them out.

    And that I think puts enormous pressure on the batsmen, and Shiv Chanderpaul apart, all have crumbled.

    But that's detracting from the growing might of England. England is playing brilliant cricket and its great to watch but spare a thought for the Windies and Chanderpaul in particular.

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    where's jermaine lawson??? saw him bowling,and he has talent,and potential to be very very good

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    Yes I do consider Chanders to be very under-rated. I am starting to think whether or not he will get the recognitation he deserves.
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    Bradman never had to face quicks like Sharma and Irfan Pathan. He wouldn't of lasted a ball against those 2, not to mention a spinner like Sehwag.

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    I agree, he is a top player with a great record. I guess the only thing against him is that his highest score in tests is 140, a player of his ability should probably have a higher top score than that.

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    yeah...have been impressed with Chanderpauls batting for a bit now.

    WI short of genuine pace...have a look at Edwards
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    Exactly - not sure which cricket BRS has been watching recently.
    Personally I think West Indies of today says far more about the fact that Hall, Marshall, Holding, Garner and co. didn't "blast out" sides as common perception would have it, but in fact got them out through devestatingly "complete" bowling - accuracy, moving the ball in all conditions. With pace a useful extra which makes good bowling great.
    Edwards and Best have the pace, occasionally they have one type of movement, but they don't move it consistently and certainly neither are anywhere near accurate enough.
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