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Thread: Whats the deal

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    Whats the deal

    It has been shown that you are allowed and at times encouraged by the moderators here to call Australians arrogant, why is it that you can use terms like this against Australians and but when somebody calls a New Zealander a bludger they are threatened.

    Have we got a system here where is fine to denegrate Australians but any comebacks and we run off crying.

    So James you and JBH001 got nothing you didnt dish out and now you complain like a stuck pig.

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    No, we don't have a culture of Australian denigration.

    If you hadn't noticed, the vice-admin of CW is an Australian and there are many Australians on the staff.

    There is a line between humour, put-downs and abuse and on occasions it is crossed by all nationalities.

    Thread Closed.
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