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Thread: DoG's Top 100 Test Batsmen: Discussion thread

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    This is a tough assignment. There is a book "Australian Top 100 & First XI" - The authors placed players in eras and then compared them to one another. The problem I had was when they compared Bradman's contemporaries to him. He was so far in front, in the end, and not surprisingly the batsmen of his era struggled to make the final all time team. I thought at the time they should have just accepted Bradman as an anomaly and removed him from the comparison.
    You know it makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venkyrenga View Post
    I think you did not read my post properly. I never said Sachin cannot do what Dravid did there. I said don't tell me Sachin can do just because of his "higher SR". But I am pretty sure that Dravid is the better man for that job and I am certain that Ganguly can't do that.
    And I never said that players with higher SR are incapable of playing longer innings. I am just saying that your generalization that most players with higher SR can play longer innings if required is wrong.

    I disagree. Talking about players with same average, Kohli has a higher SR than Kallis but he is not better. Yousuf, Younis and Williamson have higher SR than Dravid but none are better than him. Hayden and ABD have a higher SR than Steve Waugh but they are not better than him.
    Younis is.
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    Interesting exercise, would like to compare the final results to my spreadsheet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    Interesting exercise, would like to compare the final results to my spreadsheet
    You have one too?! And here I thought I was weird.
    ATG Test XI
    1. J.B Hobbs 2. H. Sutcliffe 3. D.G Bradman 4. S.R Tendulkar 5. W.R Hammond 6. G.S Sobers 7. A.C Gilchrist 8. M.J Procter 9. M.D Marshall 10. S.K Warne 11. G.D McGrath

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    Looking forward to it.When will you start the countdown from No.100?

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