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Thread: Perth Cricket Meet Up Group

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    Perth Cricket Meet Up Group

    Hi Everyone, do you live in Western Australia and would like to get together in person to watch and talk about cricket with people as passionate as yourself? Tired of sitting at home alone and throwing things at the tv in dismay? Wish you had someone to go to matches with? If so, I have created this group just for you! I'm not sure the link will work on here, but you can go onto Meetup and it should be the only cricket group in Perth. Feel free to join and let's get some events happening!

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    I might pop my head in for a bit. Only problem is I live on the opposite side of the country, so you may have to (W)ait (A)while


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    The tyranny of distance!
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    Do we have any Perth posters here? I know we've got Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane well covered but can't think of any regulars from over West off the top of my head?
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