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Thread: Four-day test cricket

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    Just to be contrary I quite like this idea although groundsmen must play along by producing pitches with something in them for the bowlers, and umpires / match officials will have to do something to keep over-rates up.

    I kind of prefer it to the two-divisions idea for tests. Maybe matches between the top 6 teams could be five day affairs and matches involving sides below that level will be four-day matches, but everyone still plays everyone else (however rarely when it's big three vs lower teams I know). If it encourages the likes of NZ to keep to three match series then it's a good thing.

    I also find it a little amusing that the first to try this is South Africa - they'll have to bat very differently vs Zimbabwe to how they've gone about this current game against Bangladesh if they want a result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    Yes, but the solution isn't really to promote faster scoring (although that can be fun), but more wicket taking and more sporting pitches.

    For the most part, runs move an LoI match forward, and wickets are what move a test forward. Slow scoring can be perfectly entertaining if there are wickets falling, which is what makes test cricket it's own thing.
    Which conversely I think 4 day matches will help. Because curators will be more confident in a more sporting wicket going 4 days than 5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lillian Thomson View Post
    Day 1 - Team A all out for 140 in 45 overs. Team B 120 for 2 in 45 overs
    Day 2 - Team B 440 for 8 in 135 overs in total.
    Day 3 - Team A 295 for 3 in 90 overs. Still 5 runs behind. Game over.
    Gotta iron out the kinks.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheJediBrah View Post
    but . . . doesn't that defeat the whole purpose
    Nah it's not supposed to be an elongated LO game.
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    We have 2 Tests at the moment going into the 5th day.

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    We’ve now had one official one that lasted two and a session and one starting tomorrow that is now four days.

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