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Thread: Tatenda Taibu Interview

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    Tatenda Taibu Interview

    Well Cricinfo just constructed an exclusive interview which can be found here .

    Some very interesting points an on the whole I was very happy with Taibu's answers. I think he realisesd the situation, but at the moment is not commentating on it. He really does seem like the best person to lead a Zimbabwe team and Grant Flower, I'm sure, will be hsi vice. Some interesting points:

    Is there a way out for all parties that would help Zimbabwe cricket progress?

    TT: Its too early for me to think about any solutions, but one way or the other whatever the problem is someone will have to sort it out. And if I play my cards right, I hope I will play my part in solving the matter properly.

    "I prefer to keep my mouth shut at the moment with the way the things are happening"

    How grave will his loss to Zimbabwe cricket be?

    TT: It's a setback. It's a piquant situation: in the last four-odd years you will see that Zimbabwe has been only rebuilding, rebuilding and rebuilding. It is nonstop, this rebuilding, the outcome being we are struggling. That's why this present situation is a big disappointment for me personally.

    This constant rebuilding is frustrating?

    TT: You want to do well and win games and celebrate those moments with your country. Just playing and losing is very frustrating. No player likes to lose. So we need to put a stop to this. If we keep on rebuilding we will never move ahead.

    After the departure of Streak who will be the people that you'll discuss things with?

    TT: Grant Flower is the first guy I look up to if I need any help. Both of us play for the same province Mashonaland and he is a good guy; he has always raised his hand to help which is a good sign for building a united team.

    Just a couple of interesting points from the interview. I'm sure he'll realise the full scale of the problems soon enough. I just hope he can keep things and order, and maybe his colour will help him to get the board to do something about the situtaion(I'm afraid that's what it might come to).
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    Yeah, well there is not much the guy can do.... Theyve just got to dig deeper than ever...

    I wish him all the luck in the world, nobody wants to see a cricket team go downhill like the zims have...
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