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Thread: can anybody explain this???

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    can anybody explain this???

    ......why in the heck is a cloumn like this on a cricket website.?

    Partition: Counting the cost
    Kadambari Murali
    Peshawar, 18 March

    As we walked into Islamabad airport at half past five on Wednesday morning, a baggage-handler approached us with a tentative smile. His name was Abdul Hamid and he recounted a story that told us a lot about the human cost of Partition.

    In other circumstances, Abdul Hamid told us, he might have been Hindu. Hamid's parents were from Rajouri. They moved to Pakistan in 1947 and later converted to Islam. He isn't sure why.

    Hamid, who was born in 1950, says that after his father died, his mother told him about a brother he had never seen. Thirteen years older, he was left behind in India in the midst of the carnage. "He was young then and got lost when they moved," he said.

    Just before his mother died, she gave him an address and Hamid promised he would find his brother. "In 1980, I finally managed to get a visa," Hamid said.

    He found his brother Jai Pal in Rajouri. "What can I say about the meeting," he says, as I ask him how it went.

    They promised to visit each other frequently but the "madness since has ensured that we have been unable to", says Hamid.

    Now finally, Hamid is hoping that the progress of the peace process will mean that he can visit his brother again. "He is old now, it is better that I go if I can get permission from my employers," he says.

    Hamid is one of many. Md Shamim, a taxi driver in Karachi, has a grandmother in Saharanpur, the PIA clerk across the counter in Lahore says he has cousins in Jalandhar he's never seen, and a fellow journalist says he is from Pune and his wife from Lucknow, where she has family.
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    It reads something like a Roebuck article, although I presume it wasn't written by him. I don't see anything wrong with it specifically, it's just offering a backdrop to some of the more human stories that might accompany the idea of "breaking barriers" during the Indian tour of Pakistan.

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    HT is not just a cricket website. It is a news paper too in India. BTW, i find nothing untoward in that article. I guess that reporter was sent to Pakistan to cover the series , he reports everything what he does and so must have liked this and sent this story. It is like he maintains an online diary. There were many these type of off topic articles during Aus series and before too.

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