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Thread: Big Jim Smith

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    Big Jim Smith

    Big Jim Smith

    The biggest hitters have always been popular, and their reputations tend to resonate down the years. In recent times however the game seems to have forgotten Big Jim Smith, an oversight Martin hopes this feature will put right

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    Forgotten but a boyhood hero to many a subsequent writer of the game. As to his pace I recall EM Wellings describe him as "emphatically fast" and I've read reports of the Middlesex game in 38 where he struck Bradman a few painful blows. That on a dicky wicket though.

    Ian Peebles is close to my favourite writer of the game and the article you briefly quote and where he describes Smith's only fc ton is very funny.

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    Of all the players in Brodribb's "Hit For Six" he's the one I most wish I could see bat (rivalled by Jessop and Alletson's famous innings), just because of his unique style.

    Funny that Alan Watt was one of the bowlers for Smith's only 100, since he also gets into "Hit for Six" - he once hit 10 sixes in a match out of just 78 runs.

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