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Thread: Cricket Australia 'slashes' ticket prices

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    Cricket Australia 'slashes' ticket prices

    Some good news.....

    Cricket Australia slashes ticket prices for 2016-17 international matches

    Cricket Australia has slashed entry level ticket prices for international matches for next summer.

    The cheapest tickets for Tests and one-day matches will be no more than $30 for adults, $10 for children and $65 for families.

    More than three quarters of all seats will be cheaper than last year.

    The move comes after poor attendances at several venues for last summer's Tests against New Zealand and the West Indies.

    Cricket Australia (CA) chief executive said the organisation had concluded from a review that some fans had been excluded from attending Australian games due to affordability.

    "This gives the opportunity for more fans to experience first-hand the skills and talent of Australia's best cricketers," Sutherland said.

    "At Cricket Australia our aim is to put fans first and we are living by that mantra.

    Sydney fans attending the New Year's Test against Pakistan and ODIs will see a saving of $20 on adult general reserve tickets.

    Fans in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane will save between $5 and $10 on adult tickets for international matches.

    Kids will be admitted free to Twenty20 internationals.

    Cricket Australia slashes ticket prices for 2016-17 international matches - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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    Will make a big difference for families I suspect. A day at the cricket is a long day and food aint cheap
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    Kids will be admitted free to Twenty20 internationals.
    Quality step. Leverage those massive stadiums to get kids watching the game, basically only Aus can afford to do this. Huge potential competitive advantage.

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    It's a good move by CA given the market for the sporting dollar and for participants is so competitive here.

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    Great move. I wonder if these prices will extend to popular events, like Ashes or India Tests though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    Great move. I wonder if these prices will extend to popular events, like Ashes or India Tests though.
    I'd wager not. Ill be amazed if I can buy SCG ashes tickets for $30.
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    Better for everyone. Players want to play in front of a full house. Kids should be always free and adults $30.

    Should be supported by the cities too as it'd conceivably encourage more families to go to multiple days of a test.
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    Awesome news. Was just about to purchase the Boxing Day test tickets
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    Still not cheap enough to make me want to go to the Gabba.

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    Huh maybe I should have some kids after all

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    Great news. I need to take the wife so she learns to appreciate cricket - or likely failing that - make her detest it enough to leave me alone when the tests are on the telly.

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