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Thread: Draft idea, 'restrictions draft'. Top 7 under x amount of test runs/centuries, (cont)

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    Draft idea, 'restrictions draft'. Top 7 under x amount of test runs/centuries, (cont)

    And the bowlers have to be under x amount of test wickets

    Could possibly swing it so the top 7 need a combined test batting average of under 40 or something like that instead, with the bowlers needing a combined test bowling average of over 30, though that may be getting too complicated

    Am aware this poses problems due to making batting orders inflexible and all-rounders kinda being game breakers depending on where they bat

    idea needs refining
    cricket rules brah

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    I've got an awesome idea. How about you make it so you can't select the type of player that the previous participant did. If the person ahead of you in the order selected a spinner, you can select any player but a spinner (so you can select a batsman or pacer or keeper or all-rounder instead). In effect, the previous pick becomes 'taboo' to you
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    In regards to your idea mr, what about rules such as these...

    Batsman who have either scored 8,000+ Test runs or have a Test average of 45+ are ineligible

    Bowlers who have either taken 250+ Test wickets or have a Test average of -25 are ineligible

    All-rounders are fine to pick as long as their batting & bowling stats adhere to rules 1 & 2.

    Wicketkeepers would be largely unaffected, simply adhering to rule 1.

    And finally, if a batsman who played 50 tests & averaged, say, 42 with the bat, also took something like two wickets at 16.00, a special rule requiring that a players must have taken more wickets than matches played will be adopted to ensure that batsmen such as these wont be unfairly labelled as 'all-rounders'.


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    Sounds good, I wanted to encourage lesser players to be chosen so it works in that sense. Also sounds like less hassle than my original method which would require a lot of calculations

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    I also very much like Jimmy's idea. Count me in if we go ahead as per his proposal.

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